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Friday, March 25, 2011

One more day

Tomorrow is my last full day in Colorado. 4am Sunday morning I leave for the airport, fly to North Carolina for a few days with my friends the Donaldsons (and have a sail), then on to Philly and Bots. All during these last few weeks I have been so aware of where I am and what a terrific place I live. The stores have incredible shelves of choices, the mountains in the morning with sun on fresh snow are just simply there to enjoy, it is easy to drive a few blocks and quickly pick up a forgotten item. It is so fulfilling to live in the moment - why can't I do that most of the time?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gettin' down to it!

Three weeks from today I fly to North Carolina for some time with friend Molla, then on the 31st to Philadelphia. April 2, 2:30am (yes, that is not a type) onto a bus to JFK then United to Johannesburg - 15 hours on an airplane in Economy class. I may have to have a fist fight to get an aisle seat - or perhaps bribery. I am not above either!

Packing, packing, what to take? There is a mound of stuff on my guest bed. Kitchen stuff? Toiletries are widely available, but will I like them? A pile of shoes - when your feet are shaped like a duck (size 6 wide), you don't count on finding them there, and everyone says there is much walking that is a part of this adventure. A sleeping bag, squashed into a compression bag (which are one of the niftiest things ever). Clothes, from wool sox to shorts. And electronic recording devices - camera and small flip video camera. And the electronic reader packed with books. And the laptop. I can have two suitcases with a max of 50 pounds in any one, or a total of 80 pounds. It does make one think about what is essential. Haven't weighed it yet!

What am I hesitant to leave behind? Nigel the black lab, because he will not understand why I suddenly disappeared. Don't know if Skype will make it better or worse! Bob and Dottie Wham, dear friends who are not in good health. But I also know they would whip my behind if they thought I sacrificed this to stay with them. Karin is newly married, blissfully happy, and gainfully employed. And Skype will be our link.

I will not miss the Capitol - I have had 30 very good years there. I helped pass legislation that I truly think is a public benefit and met some fabulous people (see Bob and Dottie Wham above). But I will not miss the buffeting and stress.

Now I must go and evaluate the guest bed mound one more time.