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Monday, August 27, 2012

Different experiences

This is the weekend of my 50th high school reunion. I think the plan is a party and attendance at a game - I cannot remember if it is football or baseball. Lots of memories floating around as well, I am sure.

By contrast, yesterday I went on my usual weekend trip to Jwaneng. At the bus stop I met a young woman who was carrying a baby and had a suitcase with her as well. She was a talkative young woman, and very devoted to the baby, covering her (she had pierced ears and was dressed in pink, so I assume it was a girl baby) often and talking to her. We boarded the bus and I sat near the front and the young mother went further back. About five minutes out, there was a piercing whistle from the back and voices, and the bus driver pulled to the side of the highway. The young mother came up and made to get off the bus. After some discussion with the driver and the conductor, she sat in the conductor’s seat, and the driver put the bus in reverse and backed a distance of probably 2 miles or so down the trans-Kalahari highway back to the bus stop. When oncoming traffic came in our lane he stopped and let traffic go around us. it is only a two lane highway, but vehicles go 120 km/hr on it.  At the bus stop, the young the conductor got off and the mother peered anxiously out the door.
Then she turned and started back toward her seat, and the conductor got back on with a stuffed animal (it looked like one of those with a zipper that can hold things) handed it to the mother, and we were off again.

While I am sorry to miss the reunion, because there are some people about whom I would love to hear the stories of their lives, this was an OK substitute.

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